About Us

The Guelph Greens is a group of Volunteers and Active Participants in Guelph who help run Guelph Greens events, coordinate with the provincial and federal Green Parties, and help spread the word about Green Values throughout Guelph.

The Guelph Greens has its own mission statement and goals – such as working toward Electing Green MPs and MPPs – we also follow the values in the Charter of the Global Greens

How Do I Join the Guelph Greens?

You Automatically become one of the Guelph Greens when you join the Green Party of Ontario or the Green Party of Canada if you reside in Guelph.

Membership in Guelph Greens is free and we welcome like-minded participants as well as Guelph Greens members at all of our events!

Click here to learn more about membership

Who Runs the Guelph Greens?

The Guelph Greens is run by a group of volunteers, called the Guelph Greens Exec.

The Executives serve 2-year terms with half of our executive positions up for election each year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Learn more about our current exec members on our exec page, or email president@guelphgreens.ca to learn more about available positions on our team.