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Personality Quiz time!

  1. When a prospective employer asks if you are “highly organized”, you:
    1. Look panicked and inch your chair towards the door.
    2. Say “Sure, I guess.”
    3. Show them how your colour-coded agenda software integrates with your project management app, and syncs to your cloud document storage which links to …
  2. One of your friends is bemoaning his lack of time with the 2 jobs he’s working and getting all his kids to all their arts and sports events. You:
    1. Reply “Wow, that’s awful”, silently thanking your lucky stars that you’re not him.
    2. Commiserate – “I know! It’s so tough these days trying to balance so many roles!”
    3. Do a by-hour daily time inventory contrasting what he is doing with what he’s aiming to get done, and run a gap analysis to see where he can “do it, dump it or delegate it.”
  3. Spreadsheets:
    1. Hate them; get dizzy looking at them.
    2. A necessary evil.
    3. Yours all have at least 5 filters active at any time, and the formulas optimized to eliminate manual entry on the last two sheets.
  4. Your extended family is trying to plan Great-Aunt Dorothy’s 80th birthday party.  After a week of group emails suggesting anything from potlucks to Disneyland, you:
    1. Delete your email account and tell your spouse you’re moving to Cuba.
    2. Write an email to the group saying “Let’s just go with whatever Auntie Dot would like best.”
    3. Tabulate all the options, estimate the costs and benefits of each, then make an argument for the catered luncheon at the local country club.
  5. A client sends your work team a 1200-word wall-of-text email that turns out to have 3 major themes, 2 questions that need to be answered, and 5 actionable items.  You:
    1. Delete it, hoping that the other people copied on it will deal with it.
    2. Read through the whole thing, then write back and say “Sure thing; can do!”
    3. Re-type it up into a Word document, adding thematic headings, grouping the items logically, with themed bullet points and call-outs to highlight the questions next to the relevant items.

If you answered 3 to most of the above, you have the personality (and skills!) to be the best Guelph Greens secretary ever!
But seriously, are you looking to play an integral role in supporting the Guelph Greens? Do you enjoy organizational and data management? Are you comfortable using Google Docs and Dropbox?

We are recruiting to fill the position of Secretary of the Guelph Greens and need the help of a highly organized, digitally comfortable individual to help the Greens stay at the top of their political game.

After 5 years (and perhaps not coincidentally one year into her Master’s degree), Gillian is stepping out of her role as Secretary for the Guelph Greens.  She’s hoping to train a new (or long-time) Guelph Green just as keen on databases and document formatting as she is.

Time commitment: at least one 2.5 hour meeting per month, 1-2 hours weekly to accomplish action items, work on process improvements, and monitor email.

Key skills (in addition to the above): Google apps-fu, rapid typing, knowing where to find things that other people need.  Mad writing skills a bonus. Sense of humour a must.

Could it be you? Email to meet up for a caffeinated beverage and discuss the possibilities!


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