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The Green Party(s) have to spend money to effectively communicate, run meaningful events and prepare for the next campaign.  Our goal, clearly stated, is to be able to run fully funded campaigns every four years to elect a Green Party Candidate. To this end we have to raise $90,000 each for the local Green Party Organizations, Federal and Provincial.

To help us get there, we are asking you to subscribe to our monthly donor program and donate monthly to both of our local organizations.

Example: If you donate $10 per month from your credit card or bank card, you will receive a $170 rebate on your tax return next year.

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To make a One Time Donation:

To make convenient Monthly Donations:


To make a One Time Donation:


To make convenient Monthly Donations:

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!!Exciting News!!

Guelph Greens ‘Gear’ is Here: Wear it proudly Around Town and at Events.

Guelph Greens Gear

Guelph Greens Gear

For a Limited Time the Guelph Greens will be offering Hats, Toques, Golf Shirts and Women’s V-Neck T’s with the Guelph Greens logo.

These rare items cannot be sold, they are offered to Guelph Greens Members, if you choose to accept them, based on your donation amounts to your Local Provincial CA (preferred), or the GPO:

For every $100 that you donate you may choose to receive a Guelph Greens Hat or a Toque or a V-Neck T-shirt. For every $150 that you donate you may choose to receive a Guelph Greens Golf Shirt.

Example: You Donate $250 and choose a Hat or a Toque or a V-Neck T Shirt (valued at $10 each) and a Golf Shirt (valued at $15 each). We must subtract $25 from your $250 donation (it’s the law), and we issue a tax receipt for $225. And, you get 75% of that ($187.50) back on your tax return!!

What a great deal for you! Super attractive Guelph Green Gear at a super-low price and, and a very attractive tax break.

To collect your Guelph Gear after making donation to the Guelph Greens CA or the GPO please send an email to to let us know which item(s) you would like and which size!

FAQ about making donations to political parties


Q: Why am I being asked to donate to a local-Provincial and local-Federal organization?

A: The “Green Party” consists of four distinct units. There is a National Green Party, the Green Party of Canada (GPC), a Provincial Green Party, the Green Party of Ontario (GPO), plus, the local organizations that represent these parties (in Guelph, the Guelph Greens represent both the Federal and Provincial Green Party). Each have their own bank accounts and require money to run campaigns, organize, communicate, etc.  We are NOT allowed to share money between the federal and provincial parties at any level.

Q: How do the Tax Returns work?

A: For both Provincial and Federal politics, if you give $400 or less per calendar year, you will receive 75% of your donation back ($300) on next year’s tax return. If you support us with more than that amount you get a diminishing percentage return above $400. The maximum amount you can give to the Federal Green Party is: $1,275, which comes with a $650 refund. The maximum amount you can give to the Provincial Party is $1,240 , with a $713 refund*.


*Please note that there is more information on the tiers of tax credits and maximum amount of money you can donate available at for Federal donations and for Provincial donations.