Make a Big Difference in Our City

Become a Member of the Guelph Greens

  • As a member of the Guelph Greens you have the option to attend and vote at our AGM (where you get to elect or become a Guelph Greens Executive).
  • Gain access to our meetings and events!

To join, you must a member of either the Green Party of Ontario (GPO) or the Green Party of Canada (GPC), or both, with a registered address within Guelph’s city limits.

If that’s you, you’re already a member! No future applications or membership fees required. Now that you’re officially in, find out how to get involved with our meetings or events!

If you’re new to Guelph, update your address with the GPO and GPC and you’re automatically in!

Not a GPC or GPO member? Sign up for GPO membership and for GPC membership. Make sure you enter your Guelph address at registration so you’re automatically enrolled in the Guelph Greens.