The Guelph Greens Executive

Gillian Maurice

CA President

Gillian Maurice has been active with the Green Party and the local Guelph Greens for over a decade, depending how you count. She has filled the position of Secretary for several terms, following family tradition, and became president of the Guelph Greens in 2016. Her past career as a sustainability coordinator at the University of Guelph and her work with local non-profits have given her the experience of synthesizing organization out of chaos, and she as been enjoying that role within the executive as well. As of 2015, she returned to school full-time to pursue an MA in Applied Social Psychology to try and figure out what makes people tick, and will be moving from her role as secretary to director-at-large.

Candice Lepage

EDA President

Candice was a heavy duty activist in high school in Guelph, known as Peace Girl by the general population of John F. Ross C.V.I. After taking a 16 year break from trying to change the world she got back involved with politics by joining the Green Party and becoming a member of the communications team for the Steve Dyck campaign in 2011 and hasn’t stopped volunteering for the party since.

Her political passions are around food and agriculture, small business, support for arts, and community resilience.
Having spent 18 years in the food industry, 11 years a small business owner and 8 years in marketing and communications she is eager to put all that experience to work electing Green MPs and MPPs.

Al deJong


Al is a graduate of the University of Guelph in Agriculture and retired 2 years ago after serving the public in a 30 year career with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).  His work involved statistics and data analysis to support such areas as rural policy, farm management and cost of production benchmarking. He and his brother also started and sold a successful company which involved the development and sale of farm accounting software.

Al lives in Guelph with his wife. He has 3 children of whom he is very proud.

One of his favourite activities is loading his bike up with touring gear and heading out of town on long adventures.  Most recently he rode from Vancouver to San Francisco. The trips are less about planning and more about leaving room for serendipity.  Al also enjoys cross-country skiing, canoeing, looking after his backyard chickens, and reading extensively about domestic and global affairs.

Al has been a long time loyal supporter of the Green Party and has helped locally in many provincial and national campaigns.

Some of his volunteer activities include driving for VON’s transportation service and participating in the Guelph Active Transportation group.

Howard Johnson

Director at Large, Volunteers

I am a university Graduate having completed a Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University, graduating with honours in 1969. My education continued for three more years after which I obtained a Chartered Accountant designation. I have worked in accounting and business management all of my working life.

My work experience includes 25 years working in manufacturing for small Canadian companies and following that I have been running my own accounting practice in Guelph to this day.

My accounting experience involves and includes expertise in business that has operations in Canada and the USA providing me with some expertise in trans boarder transactions and their tax treatment. I have some expertise in Canadian / US tax issues relative for small business.

My hobby has been in organic production of food and different means of growing vegetables organically and developing foods that have enhanced flavour because of or through organic growing techniques.

My interest in the green party stems from my organic food interests but is not limited to organics. The green party has the policies to help small business develop and grow providing economic development and opportunity for all who live in Ontario.

 Jason Medland

Director at Large, Events

Jason was born in Calgary and moved to rural Halton Hills in 1974. Attending Trent University in 1991 and living in Peterborough until 2002 spending terms on the board of directors for Trent Radio, Artspace, Peterborough Arts Umbrella as well as being involved in other aspects of the community from producing live music to acting in theater to organizing conferences and other special events.

Jason has been working in the Information Technology industry since 1996 and has worked on some of the highest traffic websites in Canada as well as a number of successful start ups over the course of his career as a software and systems architect.

After returning with his family to Halton Hills in 2004 Jason has been actively involved as a Freemason and has served (at least once) as the principal officer of 4 different Masonic bodies and 2013/2014 as the Grand Superintendent of District 5, G.R.C.