Here’s your chance to make your voice heard! As a Guelph Greens volunteer, you’ll get to spread the word on Green values in our city and fight for change on the provincial and national levels! Meet great people, connect with the community and apply your knowledge to make Guelph a better place!

As we get closer to a provincial election in 2018, we’ll need canvassers to help spread the word about Green values, workers to help put out signs and phone canvassers to help get people out to vote as we support our provincial Green candidate in Guelph.

Canvassing not your thing? We also have tons of other volunteer opportunities in Guelph!

  • Event planning
  • Social Engagement
  • Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer Management
Choose as many items as of are interest.
Tell us anything you think we should know – let us know why you want to volunteer, any special skills or experiences you have, etc.