Update on Special Ballots for our Federal Candidate Nomination

Thank you to all the nominees, their supporters, and members who have asked questions and expressed concerns about whether or not they would be able to cast a vote in this nomination contest. The vote will take place on Friday April 5th, at the Holiday Inn on Scottsdale Dr, during the nomination event. We are not able to safely, privately and legally accept any votes not cast in person at the event. There will be no special ballots or advanced ballots.

The nomination contest here in Guelph this year is very exciting, especially after a successful 2018 Provincial election. We, as a party, have grown in an exponential way over the last two years.

This unprecedented nomination contest, which may have five nominees, has brought a lot of attention to our party and to our city. Thanks to that extra attention, it has brought our own EDA attention to our systems. Our constitution and by-laws were written and voted into place in 2012, 7 years and 3 elections ago. While reviewing our by-laws we have come to understand that we are not in a position to accept special or advance ballots. We do not have a secure system.

While this must leave many members frustrated that they can not take part in the selection of the candidate for the Federal election, I really hope you will take the time to work with us to update and modernize our constitution and by-laws for our next AGM. If you are interested in joining a committee to help review the by-laws as they are and to help with updates please let us know. If you have a particular interest in only the nomination election process we need your voice also. Please email president@guelphgreens.ca to let us know.

Candice Lepage

President, Guelph Greens EDA and CA