Executive spotlight: Dianne Dance

On December 2, 2020 the Guelph Greens will be electing our Executive Board volunteers who coordinate with the provincial and federal Green parties, run events and help promote Green values. In this series, we tell the stories of some of our returning board members and explore what they’ve been up to throughout their 12-month term.

Prior to volunteering for the Green Party, Dianne Dance could best be described as an environmentally-conscious Conservative.

As a private business owner, she firmly believed that a healthy society began with a government commitment to financial responsibility and competent deficit management. In her view, money used to pay off debts could be better spent on social programs—and, while she didn’t mind paying taxes, she wanted her government to be respectful of her hard-earned dollars.

These values aligned with the Progressive Conservative platform. What didn’t quite fit were her growing concerns for the environment. So, as the years went on, she started supporting the Green Party financially, while continuing to vote Conservative.

“I just didn’t think I could vote Green because, in my mind, Green wasn’t pro-business,” she says. “I just didn’t think a Green government could serve my needs.”

That all changed in 2018 when her daughter called her up to say she was voting Green—and that she volunteered Dianne for a Green lawn sign. From there, Dianne was placed on the Green email list and eventually answered the call for volunteers.

Over the last 12 months, as a Member-at-Large on the Guelph Green Executive, Dianne has been responsible for mobilizing volunteers—and ensuring the Guelph Greens have a strong presence in the community. She organized and executed our Care Call campaign, where Green volunteers checked in on members of the community during COVID, and was a driving force behind Annamie Paul’s Toronto Centre by-election run. In 2021, she’ll be assuming the role of Events Coordinator on the CA (provincial) side where she’ll be finding new and exciting ways to bring our Green community together.

So what changed her mind? And what inspired her to not only vote Green—but devote her limited spare time to encourage others to do the same?

“I finally learned what it means to be a Green supporter,” she says, frankly. “It’s about believing in sustainability. Not just environmental sustainability, but financial sustainability as well. It’s about using the tax system to lift up our community—and disincentivize things we don’t want, like pollution. It’s about creating a healthy and advanced society within a financially-sustainable framework.”

Thank you, Dianne, for all you do! If you would like to join Dianne and the rest of the Guelph Greens Executive on our quest to promote Green values in Guelph, you can apply here. Right now, we’re looking to fill the following positions on the Federal side (which will require a 5-10 hour monthly commitment as we prepare for an imminent Federal election): 

Volunteer Coordinator EDA
Communications Director EDA
Events Coordinator EDA
Fundraising Director EDA

Contact us at  info@guelphgreens.ca if you’d like to learn more. We hope you’ll join us!

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