Executive spotlight: Morgan Dandie-Hannah

On December 2, 2020 the Guelph Greens will be electing our Executive Board— volunteers who coordinate with the provincial and federal Green parties, run events and help promote Green values. In this series, we tell the stories of some of our existing board members and explore what they’ve been up to throughout their 12-month term.

Morgan Dandie-Hannah has been a staunch Green supporter since the 1980s, so when she moved to Guelph in 2014, she was naturally thrilled to find out that the leader of the Green Party of Ontario would be her candidate in upcoming elections. 

That said, as the 2018 election inched closer, she realized casting a vote for the Greens just didn’t feel like enough anymore–she wanted to do more to help the party elect its first MPP. That’s when she decided to roll up her sleeves and volunteer for Mike Schreiner’s campaign. 

Having never participated in provincial politics before–or any form of politics outside of school, for that matter–she was a little apprehensive in those early days. But her nerves swiftly subsided after she attended Mike’s launch in 2018. 

“It was an amazing experience,” Morgan recalls. “The energy in the room when Mike walked in was astounding–and it only got better from there. Working with everyone on the campaign was incredible. I really missed the activity when it was all done.”

Fortunately, Morgan discovered that her volunteer experience didn’t have to end when the election did. She put her name forward and was elected to be the Director-at-Large for the Guelph Green Executive in November 2018. 

Since then, she’s enjoyed representing the Guelph Greens at countless different community events and meetings. She’s kept a finger on the pulse of the needs and concerns of Guelph workers by sitting in at Guelph and District Labour Council meetings, and served breakfast alongside Mike at Hope House. Additionally, she’s also enjoyed connecting with members of the community, as well as other Guelph Greens volunteers, at events like the Guelph Organic Conference.

The experience opened her eyes to the importance of local politics–an interest she intends to pursue further in the coming years. 

“I love providing service to others and meeting new people, but I also love the family that I’ve found with the Guelph Greens,” she says. “Being a Director-at-Large has been a life-changing experience and it’s given me a new goal in life. I want to continue to serve others in the city I have chosen to call home.”

While we’re sad to say Morgan won’t be running for re-election at the AGM this year, we wish her the best of luck in her future political endeavours. If you’d like to fill her shoes–or any of the other vacant Executive positions that will be voted on at our AGM on December 2–you can submit your name here or send a note to info@guelphgreens.ca to find out more.

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