Nominee: Dr. Ralph Martin

Ralph Martin is a Wellington County local, having grown up on a farm in Wallenstein. From these agricultural roots, Ralph pursued a Ph D. in Plant Science at McGill University and is now a professor of plant agriculture in the Ontario Agriculture College at the University of Guelph.

His 17 years in the Ottawa area helped him appreciate wilderness from the sterns of canoes and hiking trails. Later, two decades of serving as a professor in Nova Scotia, helped him appreciate Maritime music, long yarns, and oceans. His daughter, Mariah, was born there and both are champions of blue-nosers.

Ralph earned a Ph.D. in Plant Science at McGill University. His love of teaching grew unexpectedly in the 1990s and he appreciates how students teach him too. In 2001, he founded the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada to coordinate university research and education pertaining to organic systems, across Canada. From 2011 – 16, he was the Loblaw Chair, Sustainable Food Production, University of Guelph, where he teaches.

Community service is central to Ralph’s relationships with people and ecological systems. For example, he writes Guelph Mercury Tribune articles and chairs the Canadian Rights and Freedom Centre. He collaborates with the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario and the Organic Science Cluster. He served on the Board of Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Guelph and the United Way Committee, University of Guelph.

Ralph has been a Green Party of Canada member for over a decade. He campaigned for Elizabeth May in Pictou Co, NS, in 2008 and later, by phone, for her first BC campaign. He is a consistent GPC and GPO financial donor.

Attawandaron peoples sustained a living in Guelph, not just for centuries, but for millennia. Ralph appreciates legacies of First Nations civilizations and recognizes how addressing climate change, species loss and pollution requires partnerships with indigenous people of this land.

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