Michelle Bowman

The Guelph Greens Electoral District Association (EDA) has acclaimed Michelle Bowman as your Federal Green Party candidate for the 2021 election!

The election has been called for September 20, 2021.

Visit electmichellebowman.ca to help elect Michelle Bowman, your Green Party of Canada Candidate, by requesting a sign, donating or volunteering.

Michelle Bowman

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Connect with Michelle

Twitter – https://twitter.com/VotesGreen
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/michellebowman_votesgreen/
Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/4Guelph/

Michelle Bowman is an avid volunteer, ecologist, hiker, aunt and aspiring journalist.  She is confident the pandemic is the wakeup call we needed to reach our shared social, economic and environmental goals.  Michelle also believes we need ethical, everyday people to become more involved in politics to enhance our quality of life and stabilize the climate.

Water, children (and wet dogs) turned out to be common threads for Michelle.  Growing up, holidays were spent with cousins near lakes and rivers.  Michelle taught swimming lessons to pay for university and became a volunteer Big Sister while studying rivers in grad school.  Sadly being a mother was not to be but she enjoys many traditions with her nephew and niece.

Michelle had hoped to move to eastern Canada to continue grad studies but an invitation to work with the renowned ecologist Dave Schindler lured her to the Rockies.  Her team was able to stop town pollution from entering rivers in the mountain National Parks.  Michelle has continued work to protect these and other ecosystems since then.

The mismatch between evidence and policy has long been a concern for Michelle.  She became even more concerned when the Harper government fired scientists and dismantled libraries.  Michelle met MPP Mike Schreiner in 2017 and volunteered for the Green Party on the spot.  Her numerous roles have included canvassing, event planning, communications, policy proposals and fundraising.

Michelle moved to Guelph in 2010 and it is the longest she has lived in one place.  Guelphites excel at speaking up for important issues – climate change, affordable housing, mental health support, respect for diversity and more.  Michelle shares these concerns and is also passionate about many others including democratic reform, wealth inequality, rights of indigenous peoples and accessible post-secondary tuition.