Nominee: Jax Thornton

Jax ThorntonJax Thornton is a lifelong Guelphite, born and raised in the downtown core.
 This instilled a great sense of community in them, and Jax knows how small 
actions can have a big impact. They became an activist at a very early age,
 consistently raising awareness for animal welfare. Since then, they’ve been 
heavily involved in activism from within their city, having volunteered for 
both the Hillside festival and Wellington Water Watchers, campaigning to 
protect Guelph’s water from corporate greed, and have worked with Guelph
Anti-Pipeline to raise awareness of national ecological crises. Jax currently 
interns for The Peak, a grassroots magazine aimed at highlighting 
marginalized voices.

Jax knows that in order to plan for the future, the voices of the future must 
be heard. Jax has found the majority of decision makers to be homogenous, and saw a stark lack of representation in politics. As a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community, Jax knows that there is only so much someone can understand about another person’s oppression if one is not also a member of that community. Thus they have decided to put their name forward to seek the federal Green Party nomination in their hometown of Guelph.

Jax believes that we must view climate change from an intersectional lens,
 and carefully examine the direct link between colonialism, capitalism and
climate change, in order to properly address the coming impacts of global
warming. The structure of our economy is not compatible with solving climate
change. Carbon taxation is only a small first step and must be equitable to
people of different socio-economic levels. Innovation for green technology
must not be guided by what is profitable, but what will have the greatest
climate impact. The original Indigenous stewards of the land must have
reparations made, and have the Truth and Reconciliation Act not merely be empty
 words, but true actions behind them. It is only after actions such as these,
 that we can move forward.