The Guelph Green Story contest: It’s time to show off your Green pride

In June, 2022, as Ontario voters head to the provincial polls, many will inevitably feel “forced” to pick between the lesser of two evils–a toss-up between Red and Blue. If only they knew there was another (Greener) way!

If they could hear from people who, at one point, felt exactly as they do right now—but who took the leap, voted Green, and now firmly believe they’ve found the path to a greater Ontario.

That’s where we’re hoping the Provincial Guelph Green Story Contest can help. We’re asking all Provincial Guelph Green supporters to share their “why”—why did you go Green? What were your initial hesitations—and how did you overcome them?

Ultimately, we’d like to collect a whole boatload of testimonials that we can share with prospective Green voters in 2022—to show them that they aren’t alone. There is another way. And it’s a really great one.

Your story doesn’t have to be long (a few paragraphs at most) and it can be a really easy way to support the Campaign to Re-elect Mike Schreiner. If you’re interested, here are the details:

Deadline: Friday, May 28

Length: 100-300 words (if you’d like to go longer, that’s quite alright but we may have to edit it for length!)

Writing Guidelines: Simply answer the question “Why did you first vote Green in a Guelph Provincial Election?” We should emphasize that this is for the Provincial Guelph Greens (so it has to be a provincial story and, ideally, a Guelph story.)

Prize: Each entry will be assigned a number that Mike Schreiner will blindly pull out of a hat. The randomly-chosen winner will receive a $100 gift card to the Neighbourhood Group of Companies Restaurants (which includes The Wooly Pub, Borealis Grille and Bar, Miijidaa Café and Bistro, and Park Grocery deli & bar). They will also be invited to read their story at the Campaign to Re-Elect Mike Schreiner’s June 2 event.

All submissions, including the winner’s, will be used in promotional materials to support the Campaign to Re-elect Mike Schreiner.

How to submit: Send your story to by 11:59pm on Friday May 28, 2021!


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