Together we elected Ontario’s first Green MPP!

We have a candidate. Steve Dyck will run as the Green Party of Canada candidate for Guelph in the upcoming 2019 federal election.

“I’m so excited to be the Green candidate. I love Guelph. I look forward to bringing hope, a sense of justice, and sending another Green to parliament,” said Steve.

Thanks to our other candidates Jax Thornton, Hayley Kellett, Alex Chapman, and Ralph Martin for stepping up and running a fantastic campaign.


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Get Involved

Volunteer opportunities

Here’s your chance to make your voice heard! As a Guelph Greens volunteer, you’ll get to spread the word on Green values in our city and fight for change on the provincial and national levels! Meet great people, connect with the community and apply your knowledge to make Guelph a better place!

As we get closer to a federal election in 2019, we’ll need canvassers to help spread the word about Green values, workers to help put out signs and phone canvassers to help get people out to vote as we support our federal Green candidate in Guelph.

Canvassing not your thing? We also have tons of other volunteer opportunities in Guelph!

  • Event planning
  • Social Engagement
  • Communications

Contact us to learn more about volunteering for the Guelph Green.

Mike Scheiner in Guelph

Guelph Greens Executive

Our executive is made up of volunteers who help run Guelph Greens events, coordinate with the provincial and federal Green Parties and help spread the word on Green values throughout Guelph. Executives serve 2-year terms with the GGs, with elections for half of our executive positions up for election each year at our AGM. Interested in joining the exec or getting involved with the GGs? Contact us to learn more about joining the Guelph Greens Executive.