Supporting local greens

Guelph Greens volunteer to promote Green values and support local candidates in both provincial and federal elections, acting as both a provincial Constituency Organization (CA) and a federal Electoral District Association (EDA).

Our Annual General Meeting will take place online on Wednesday December 2nd at 7pm. Register here to attend.

We are building our 2021 Executive Teams! Do you want to become an exec member? Fill out this application form.

Provincial Constituency Association
President, Crista Renner (returning)
CFO, Al de Jong (returning)
Volunteer Coordinator, Kris Sturgeon (returning)
Communications Director, Vanessa Chris Cameron (returning)
Events Coordinator, Dianne Dance (returning)
Fundraising Director, Michelle Bowman (returning)

Federal Electoral District Association
President EDA, Jesse Browning (outgoing)
CFO EDA, Al de Jong (returning)
Secretary EDA, Candice Lepage (returning)

Roles to be filled

Secretary CA, Gil Maurice (standing)

Volunteer Coordinator EDA
Communications Director EDA
Events Coordinator EDA
Fundraising Director EDA


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